I remember...

A time when I was outside, in the sun, enjoying life. No throw up (or worse), to clean up. I had shoes on and had showered recently. There were people over the age of 9 for me to talk to and laugh with.

Good times.


Do you ever wonder if it's better to be the caretaker or the sick one? I've been the only one unscathed by this latest round of illness (we were fools to think 3 weeks of sickness meant we'd paid our dues), but you wouldn't know it by looking at me. Why shower when you just clean up yuck all day? I can't leave the house, so why get dressed? 


Editing these images cheered me up. This hike in Sunol Regional Wilderness happened only a few weeks ago, which reminds me more happy times are around the corner. This is another reason photography rocks. I already listed reasons #1 and 2 here. Reason #3: It can transport you to a happier time and help you see a bigger picture. 

Life is good. Even when everyone around you is hurling