A Silver Lining

Continuing the tradition of only talking about super important topics, like why it's okay not to love Disneyland, I have some tragic and life changing news to share with you all:

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I will never be a good candidate for Lasik.

flipflip christina and gibby 2014-35.jpg

I know. Cry for me.
I almost did in the doctor's office. 


I've been dreaming about not having glasses since......I got glasses. To put on ski goggles or sunglasses. Any old pair. To lay my head down and watch a movie or read a book. To dress up super nice or put on fancy eye makeup, without immediately negating the effect with glasses. No rain drops. No foggy lenses. No glare in photos.

My life is so hard.

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Apparently, my prescription is too small. And my inability to wear contacts or leave my glasses off for an extended period without getting a headache is a sure indication I would hate Lasik. In my world, it's hard not to take this personally.


You see, I live with a man who willed his eyes back to health. At one point in medical school Eric was studying so much he started getting headaches and blurred vision. He went to the doctor and, sure enough, came away with a pair of reading glasses. This is exactly how I forayed into the world of glasses. Except I sacrificed my eyes for a useless degree in the humanities as opposed to learning how to save lives. 

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After a week or so I noticed Eric wasn't wearing his glasses and when questioned he said he "didn't want to train his eyes to need glasses." I scoffed. And then I choked on that scoff when he went back to the doctor later and magically had perfect vision. 

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Maybe now you understand why it's easy to take this Lasik thing personally and see myself as weak. Eric would freaking force himself to like Lasik. Except he already rid himself of the need for it in the first place.


I may have moped around a bit, mourning my weak willed ways and the death of my glasses free dreams. This morning I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror. I grimaced at the increasing puffs and bags under my eyes. And then I put on my glasses.

flipflip christina and gibby 2014-40.jpg

Sometimes, glasses are awesome.