It's worth it.

See this handsome dude? His sweet family said goodbye to him this morning as he left on a two year mission for his church. That makes these photos even more meaningful. 

Getting family photos is hard. Picking clothes, bulldozing the naysayers (this is when mother's guilt comes in handy...finally that long labor pays off!), finding a good time, deciding on a photographer (or figuring out the timer button, or begging a friend to click the shutter when you can't figure out the timer button), accepting that you are not at your ideal weight, wondering if the weather will be good....none of this is easy. It's almost as hard as making your way through one of my ridiculously convoluted sentences. Don't let any of that stop you. It's worth it.

There is one thing you just can't fight against, however. Me.
I single handedly stopped a family photo when I was 16.

I was at work when my dad called to say he was picking me up early so we could rush home and get ready for family photos. This was my most hated summer job ever. I cleaned hotel bathrooms all day long (20-23) and then sat around and waited for a few hours for my dad to finish work so he could drive me home. I tell you this because you need to know my general state of mind. It shocked me how such a physical job could be so mentally draining. So when my dad told me I was going to rush home and have less than a half hour to wash bathroom scum off and be beautiful and smiley for photos I told him I couldn't. I just couldn't do it and my mom needed to reschedule.

He didn't listen. Not many people do listen to teenage toilet cleaners.

We got home. I was sullen and moody and completely incapable of functioning. Then the tears came. There I was, wrapped in towels, laying on my parents bed, sobbing. My mom was looking at me completely baffled. No one had any clue what was going on with me, including myself.  I'm thinking...actually I was probably shout-crying, "What? What are you looking at?! I TOLD you I couldn't do family photos today!" Then my oldest brother peeks in the room, takes one look at me and says, "PMS?" Mom says, "No! Really?" Todd: "Um, yeah."


Ha! Leave it to my brother to me more in touch with my hormones than I am. In my defense, PMS was a very new thing for me and not something I could predict. Not in my defense, that family photo was killed. I don't even think it was rescheduled. All my beautified siblings took snapshots in the back yard while I bemoaned my fate as a semi-regularly irrational woman. 


But, can I just hear one person say that 25 minutes from toilet cleaner to photo ready is asking a little much?