Floating Through Life

My friend had a little birthday party. In a balloon. 

This is a friend who has led me on many great adventures. And one bad one. But, even that one misadventure had enough good views, great company, and hilariously horrible memories that I just can't regret it.

And now I have some memories hanging under a balloon.

Here's a few surprising tidbits. Did you know they can control the altitude, but not the direction of the balloon? Comforting. 

Despite this directional achilles heel, our pilot was able to touch the bottom of our basket to a marshy stream. Just for fun. He also pointed out every squirrel, rabbit, and turtle he saw. Because why else do you go hot air ballooning if not to get aerial views of the super rare and hard to come by squirrel?

I was also pretty surprised to be standing in a basket. How is there no man made material better than straw? It was kind of refreshing.

The best surprise was no motion sickness. It was the smoothest ride I've ever been on. As in, so smooth I couldn't tell I was moving. Totally surreal.

hot air ballooning-9.jpg