Goodbye 2014

Five out of six of my goals for 2015 are photography related. Maybe next year I'll make a goal to be more well-rounded. In the spirit of accountability, and because this is a photography blog, I'm going to write them out here. 

We'll get the non-photography goal out of the way first. Goal #1 is also the most cliche. Yep, I'm talking about exercise. I noticed last year I am a better person when I wake up inhumanly early and do crossfit. I really think the early part is at least 50% of the benefit. It forces me to start my day on time and in a positive way. Left to my own devices I just might wait until the last second to wake up and use yelling and bribery as the primary means of getting my kids off to school in less than 15 minutes.  I did pretty well at the whole exercise thing last year. But this year I want to go even more frequently and not rely quite so heavily on my friend picking me up. Yes, I have a friend who drives out of her way (before 6 am!!) to pick me up, just because I am a whiny baby who likes to sleep in unless I know I'm inconveniencing someone.

Goal #2 is to do more personal photography. I love photographing other people, but my kids are growing up and I want to stretch my skills with them as the subjects. Specifically, this goal will be a project 52, with a different creative goal each week. Perhaps I should post the results here for more accountability and motivation.

#3 is all about birth photography. You may have heard me raving about it here and here. Get used to it. I would love to make the majority of my business birth photography. I'll need to revamp my website and advertise, which is more than a little daunting. But guys, I've found something I truly love and am good at and I want it in a major way. You can help by accosting any pregnant person you come across and telling them how awesome it is. When they complain about how unattractive they are during labor and tell you how they don't want that (or their vagina) documented, reassure them that the beautiful moments I'll capture will transcend their sweaty non-makeupped selves. And that I stay at the head of the bed because I don't want a picture of their vagina, either ;)

Goal #4 is more boring. I want to further my photography education with reading and online classes. Send me your recommendations!

#5 is also boring, but more painful. It's all about organizing and editing the photos I've already taken. I'm going to try to go through and edit the previous month's photos along with another month from long ago. Hopefully the hell of this will be offset by the discovery of some great forgotten photos!

Lastly, #6 is to made a video of my kids. It's sad that I'm allowing myself to be intimidated and ignoring my camera's awesome capability. I've "learned how" about 3 times. But, unless I do something right afterwards it disappears. Which is why it was a mistake for me to major in humanities. I learned so many interesting things that aren't really doable. Four years of info. Gone. So, learn video again, then DO!!!!

And to send 2014 off in style, here are some of my favorites (that haven't already been posted). Many thanks to all my clients and friends (they're pretty much the same thing)!!

Here's to all the amazing FAMILIES,






and PEOPLE in my world.